Submit a Name for a Food Forest Guild Build

Help us honor remarkable individuals by dedicating a food forest guild in their name. Whether it’s a loved one, a community hero, or someone who has made a significant impact, this is a beautiful way to create a legacy of continuous charity (sadaqah jariyah) in their honor.

How It Works:

  1. Submit a Name: Fill out the form below with the name of the person you want to honor and a brief description of why they deserve this tribute.
  2. Selection Process: Our team will review submissions and select individuals to be honored through upcoming guild builds.
  3. Dedication Ceremony: Selected names will be announced, and we will hold a special dedication ceremony as part of the guild build event.

Benefits of Naming a Guild:

  • Lasting Legacy: Create a permanent tribute that provides ongoing benefits to the community.
  • Community Support: The guild will nourish those in need, enhancing both physical and spiritual well-being.
  • Educational Impact: The guild will serve as a living classroom, teaching sustainable practices and inspiring others to build charitable guilds.

Submission Form:

Please provide the following details:

Name of the Person to be Honored: [Text Field]

Your Name: [Text Field]

Your Email Address: [Text Field]

Reason for Nomination: [Text Area – Share a brief story or reason why this person deserves to be honored through a food forest guild.]

Additional Comments: [Text Area]

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By submitting a name, you’re contributing to a project that celebrates life, generosity, and sustainability. Together, we can create beautiful spaces that honor remarkable individuals and benefit our community for years to come.

Thank you for your participation and support!