About Us

Land is the basis for all independence. Land is the basis of freedom, justice, and equality.

Malcolm X

Hijrah Society is a hima (land trust) and land-based healing center in Middle Georgia elevating Georgia’s land and foodways.

We do this by developing life affirming and culturally relevant programs for our community and allies to thrive and experience safety and connection while beginning to develop the tools and agency to heal from the trauma of colonization.

We aspire to an equitable and just culture that thrives in Georgia and centers access to safe and culturally-affirming food, shelter, health care, community, and livelihood.

We create health equity by offering culturally relevant, safe and sacred spaces that center our health and healing traditions as well as reclaiming and centering the wisdom, stories, and legacies of our forerunners.

We believe in embracing who we are and experiencing a life of liberation, safety, and joy in Georgia.