The pond we share with our neighbors.

New Madina Village is now Camp Hijrah. The change in name reflects a change in focus and approach to accomplishing the goals of New Madina Village.

The long-term goals remain the same. the difference is our focus on small, short-term, capacity-building goals. By approach, we are opening our land as a community-supported base camp, a transitional step toward our long-term goals.

Our base camp is located in Middle Georgia and exists to provide a safe, culturally-relevant place to learn about and experience camping, boating, fishing, hunting, foraging, and other agrarian and artisan skills.

Our aim is to increase our capacity for self-sufficiency and mutual cooperation, reduce our dependence on the economics of usury, provide lawful and pure food for our families, teach these skills to ourĀ children, and steward this land for future generations.